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Working at Kloosterboer

Employment terms

Working at Kloosterboer means working in an international company with great working conditions. We offer a complete package of employment terms which are set according to the laws and regulations of the country relevant to the application.
Please visit the vacancies section for further details on the conditions that apply to a particular position.

Terms of employment

Personal growth

Training options

Encouraging our staff in their career development is important to us at Kloosterboer. We do so by providing support for educational programmes and through training. The right support and education can help an employee in carrying out their work responsibilities and prepare them for their next position within the organisation. In addition to courses and training, we also provide lots of room for growth and development.

Internal trainings

We have internal course leaders and trainers who handle certain on-site training and programmes. These include: forklift truck programme, reach stacker, terminal truck, HACCP and working safely at heights using fall protection. Training for these courses are focused on the day-to-day work activities and scenarios.


Personal growth

Atmosphere and culture

Kloosterboer is a family business with a short management chain. The culture of our organisation is unique in that it strives for the utmost customer and service focus, professionalism, minimum hierarchy and a great deal of commitment and loyalty from its staff.

In brief, we have an informal atmosphere and a no-nonsense mentality.

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Atmostphere and culture
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