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Working at Kloosterboer

'I appreciate and value the amount of freedom we are given to do our job in the way we want.'

Art Visser

Technical Installations Manager


Helpful, stress-resistant, honest.


Technical secondary school (MTS) in vehicle technology. Various jobs in the metal industry. Started at Daalimpex in 2004. Became a Kloosterboer employee following the acquisition.


My family, animals and tinkering with cars.

My story

The main goal of my job is to make sure that the blending stations (juice factory) function properly. My colleagues and I work together to carry out preventative maintenance and repairs. I’ve always really enjoyed this sort of work and working with technology, plus it’s great to be valued by colleagues - definitely something I experience here. I’ve been working for Kloosterboer for three years now. As well as the day-to-day work, my colleagues and I provide an emergency repair service. This rota-based service means that once a month, each of us takes responsibility for repairing any breakdowns throughout the premises, usually in the evenings, at night or at weekends.

The juice factory stations and equipment are quite complex, with myriads of sensors and meters that regulate things such as pressure and temperature. As electricity and water don’t mix, we regularly have to handle moisture problems and breakdowns. It’s a complex matter, even for me with all of my experience, so it’s great that I’ve been able to expand my knowledge in this area by following training courses.

I enjoy working at Kloosterboer. We all have a specific job and have a certain freedom to do our job in the way we want. This freedom is one of the things I find important and appreciate. If I manage to sort out a problem with one of the stations quickly so that my colleagues can get back to work, then I feel I’ve had a good day.

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